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Tolar Manufacturing Company and Streamline Integrated Solutions form joint venture

August 30, 2016  |   Posted In Uncategorized

Tolar Manufacturing Company and Streamline Integrated Solutions (SIS) announced today that the companies have entered into a joint venture to create and develop digital information solutions for the transit shelter and outdoor advertising display market. This strategic partnership pairs SIS’ world class design and cutting edge engineering team with Tolar Manufacturing’s 25 years of award-winning experience as the industry leader in the production of transit street furniture and shelters as well as the lifestyle center industry, which includes shopping malls and airports.

This partnership comes at a time when transit agency surveys show that providing timely and accurate information at stops is key to boosting rider confidence. Delivering accurate, real-time information either at the stop or on the rider’s mobile device is quickly becoming the norm. Tolar Manufacturing and SIS are leading the way in developing distinctive technological solutions that address growing consumer expectations.

“Combining the multi-disciplinary talents of the SIS engineering and software development team with the vast design and manufacturing capabilities of our team here at Tolar will result in cost-effective fully-integrated digital media solutions for our clients,” stated Gary Tolar, President and Founder of Tolar Manufacturing.

The companies combined early projects include the development of up-to-the-minute digital passenger information and digital advertising displays for multiple BRT (bus rapid transit) projects with major east and west coast public transportation agencies.

“Tolar and SIS share a common end goal of creating complete digital media solutions for their customers. This partnership will allow both firms to fully implement and realize those goals with solutions that will change the digital media market as we know it,” stated Nick Lee, President and Founder of Streamline Integrated Solutions.

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