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The Latest From Tolar: Archives

September 15, 2022


Signature Custom bus stop shelter – 12-ft x 7-ft with radius posts holding aluminum roof panels that form a radius roof. Tri Delta Transit’s agency decals adorn both sides of the shelter, secured within the posts. Solar powered LED illumination is located under the bus shelter roof. Amenities include a 6-ft radius bench with comfortable  …   Read More »

September 15, 2022


Signature Sunset non-advertising bus stop shelters with varying amenities and sizing. 16-foot bus shelter with full end walls 10-foot bus shelter with full end walls 10-foot bus shelters with 1/2 end walls All lengths pictured include 1/2″ clear tempered glass walls, Mesa platform bench, and square trash receptacles. USB charging posts provide  …   Read More »

July 22, 2022


Servicing the Bridge Transit Hub in Lake Havasu, AZ—17’ Sierra wide roof dome transit shelter with the rear screen placed in the center midpoint of the shelter to allow for seating on both sides of the shelter depending on the positioning of the sun. UL listed solar powered dusk to dawn LED illumination under the shelter roof 8’ perforated metal  …   Read More »

July 6, 2022


This is a 12’ Signature Sunset Shelter with polycarbonate roof panels, 3/8” clear tempered glass rear and ½ end walls, 3” square tube supports with adjustable leveling shoes and escutcheon shoe covers. UL listed dusk to dawn solar powered LED illumination under the shelter roof, two seat Mesa bench and a 32 gallon perforated metal trash receptacle.   …   Read More »

November 6, 2021


Signature Empire – Non-advertising transit shelter in Fayetteville, North Carolina, features flat angled roof, all aluminum construction, fully welded roof structure, with 1/8” aluminum roof panels secured by gasketed pressure ribs. Electrical access is provided at left rear post with electrical components in enclosure on rear beam, which powers  …   Read More »

November 5, 2021


10′ Niagara Transit Shelter (Non-Ad) with white polycarbonate roof panels, solar illumination, information display.   …   Read More »

November 5, 2021


Signature Pacific 14-ft non-advertising transit shelter with perforated metal walls, white Lexan roof panels, and matching bench.   …   Read More »

November 5, 2021


12-ft Signature Custom steel tube bus shelter with a radius roof, corrugated roof panels, a wire mesh framed cap, and an IPE wood slat bench with a custom wine paint finish designed to reflect the historic character of  Monrovia, California.       …   Read More »

November 5, 2021


Tolar 13’ high peak Sierra shelter with a tile roof and solar lighting.   …   Read More »

November 5, 2021


14’ Signature Custom Cantilever Transit Shelter, laminated glass roof panels, stainless steel framing, below-grade mounting, escutcheon covers, solar illumination, City Information Totem, Metro Pylon.   …   Read More »