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July 28, 2021  |   Posted In Project of Distinction

Project Of Distinction – Bus Rapid Transit Shelters

Tolar Manufacturing Company has been actively creating, designing and fabricating Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) shelters across the country for over 30 years. 

Always built with practicality in mind, each BRT shelter is built with a unique touch, working in concert with communities focused on streamlining their transit systems through bus rapid transit and rail services. The sleek lines and modern twist on traditional bus shelters results in BRT shelters that create a stylish Sense of Place™ for fast-paced metropolitan cities. And with options like solar-power, smart device connectivity and digital advertising/ information displays, your community will appreciate your commitment to innovation.

Tolar’s customized BRT shelters are distinctive and reflective of the location, with passenger safety, security, convenience and comfort as a top priority. In fact, some communities looking for that artistic flair in their BRT shelters turn to Tolar knowing the company’s  strict standards of durability and functionality are never sacrificed while customizing the perfect aesthetic.

We invite you to stroll through some of our most popular BRT projects for cities across the country.  

Take a visual tour here.

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