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The Tolar Difference

Creating bus shelters and other outdoor structures of durability and distinction that reflect the character of your community

. . . that’s the Tolar Difference.

As North America’s leader in the design and fabrication of award-winning, best-in-class transit shelters, solar solutions, street furniture and digital/information displays, Tolar Manufacturing Company has a reputation of delivering uniquely designed, quality-built products on time and on budget. This doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of the company’s commitment to invest in purpose-driven design, top-notch materials sourcing and specifications, standardized fabrication processes and end-to-end quality control unmatched in the bus stop shelter and outdoor furnishings industry.

Tolar Manufacturing Company is guided by the following set of principles, which we refer to as,  The Tolar Difference:

OUR VALUES: We listen to understand, not simply to reply. This is a creed we stand by. Our clients come to us with a vision and specific needs to fulfill when it comes to their  transit shelter and outdoor furniture projects. So, we listen… and listen with intent. We then ensure we understand and explore that vision and the community’s expectations. Next, we execute on that vision, putting our team of skilled professionals to work developing a durable yet distinctive final product.

As a recognized transit shelter and outdoor structure manufacturing leader in our industry, the Tolar Team understands that product knowledge, professional talent, hard work and a dedication to serve our clients are the essential elements required to successfully bring a project from concept to reality.

OUR CLIENTS: Our clients come to us with a plan for their bus shelter and outdoor furniture project. We take pride in listening and ensuring that as the process moves forward and the product takes shape, our client’s vision is executed and their goals are achieved.

OUR PROCESS CONTROLS: Having the most diverse portfolio in the industry requires highly standardized processes. Each step taken by the Tolar team is governed by our extensive quality control manual, which is certified by the internationally recognized accreditation agency, Clark County (NV) Building Department. This ensures that all disciplines from designers to engineers to fabricators clearly understand the desired end result of every project. Needless to say, our employees take pride in their specific roles when they understand how what they do matters in delivering our best-in-class bus shelter and outdoor street furniture products that exceeds client expectations, time and again.

MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: Governed by the steps outlined in Tolar’s quality control manual, the metals, glazing and other materials used in crafting the company’s transit shelters, free-standing kiosks, out of home advertising displays and other outdoor structures are specifically sourced for optimal strength during cutting, bending, drilling and welding. Tolar invests in quality from bus stop materials to custom manufacturing processes. It takes the best to make the best.


THE DESIGN PROCESS: Form meets function at Tolar Manufacturing. We know that the designs we create for our client’s transit shelter and other outdoor furniture projects significantly enhance the streetscape and create a Sense of Place for their communities. Style however must be supported by substance. Tolar’s in-house engineering department, using the latest design and fabrication CAD software, is supported by engineers on retainer, who are licensed in all 50 States, territories and many Canadian Provinces. This double-team approach provides our clients with the confidence in knowing that every Tolar-built structure is in compliance with building codes through out North America.

MANUFACTURING STANDARDS: Tolar products are made in the USA and are Buy America compliant. The Tolar team is comprised of experienced craftsmen and transit shelter manufacturers trained to design and fabricate best-in-category levels of design, durability and structural integrity. As an example, Tolar’s powder-coating process withstands high-pressure cleaning, graffiti removal solvents and the long-term impact of salt, sun and other extreme weather.

CUSTOM MANUFACTURING: For outdoor structures installed in public spaces, style matters. Generic designs simply don’t cut it. Tolar clients have found that they can choose a look that’s unique to their project that satisfies both their constituency and their community. Most importantly, they find customization doesn’t have to break their budget. With Tolar’s state-of-the-art engineering software and wide-ranging options, client transit shelters, solar bus stops, out of home advertising displays and other street furniture projects will deliver sizzle and substance.

SUSTAINABILITY: Encouraging sustainability is now a critical business mandate. Those in public transportation know that attractive yet functional bus shelters encourage mass transit utilization, which is an environmental positive. Tolar Manufacturing offers innovative bus stop shelters and public benches made with recycled materials; a powder-coat process that produces no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds); and LED lighting options powered by low-draw 110-volt or solar. These are just some examples of Tolar’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing.